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 About YOU &
TL Consulting INC

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” —Napoleon Hill

TL Consulting INC is a small business focused firmly on working with would be, and happening entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancing specialists, artists, and those about to launch to develop, manage, and grow their dream!

You... you have an entrepreneurial heart and are looking to develop, grow, or pivot an idea, career, focus, or business.  


You are decided on a path and next steps on your entrepreneurial journey; trying to balance a growing business and busy life, or getting started and  looking for consulting & planning knowledge to direct your resources wisely...


Wherever you find yourself, we have solutions, strategies, and support to set you on your way, confident to set sail into the business of your dreams!


As the founder of TL INC, and an entrepreneur myself - I am passionate about bringing new or existing business owners closer to their entrepreneurial goals.


We create Strategies, Action Plans, and Tailored

B-plans that are actionable, sustainable, and focused ultimately on your business needs.

If you have a strong sense that happiness comes through balancing great work with an excellent life... then the small but mighty team at TL Consulting INC might just be what you're looking for to help bring your business ideas into reality. 

Tara works with business owners to achieve their goals in the short, and long-term - forming long term relationships with those she works with and offering experienced, knowledgeable and a kind of ‘down to earth’ and holistic support for you to develop, manage, and grow your dream! 

Connect today to see how Tara and her team can support your business dreams!

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About Your CED / Small Business Focused Organization

and TL C INC


For a broader reach in supporting small business development, and the small business sector, Tara works with organizations to create training and development partnerships  supporting economic growth and Small Business Development. 

Whether developing training for Small Business Managers, instructing on best practices in business planning, or seeking great partnerships for training and development – Tara has focused her work in support of any efforts to keep small business owners and their ventures thriving in Canada and join hands with those organizations who have community, connection, and care embedded in their mission.

Please contact today to see how TL C INC can support your organizations small business and community economic development mandates with training, planning, strategies, and sustainable solutions that support your organizational mission!


"Tara's insights and collaboration regarding strategies and structure have been invaluable to me in the three retail businesses I have created and sold in the last 19 years. If it were not for her expertise, I would not have the confidence to make the leap into a new field of proprietorship as I am doing now."

Jessica Dawe

The Power of Good Advice

Thank you Tara... I am currently sitting with a much better understanding of what I need to take into consideration as I plan my small business.

K Denman Van Isle BC 


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